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Aug 13, 2012
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Help,i got an interview apply for macys in retail in cosmetics,one thing is that i dont buy makeup from macys i have heared about there products in the makeup department but am always at i know alot more about there pruducts..i did apply for mac but they never called me back in a week time like they said so i applied for macy's ...what should i expect there? plus i dont have experience in retail sales ,i have worked in offices as front clerk so i know how to work with people just not in stores on the floor any helpp

 thankkk youuu

Maybe you should research some of the counters they have at Macy's and familiarize yourself with brands. That way if they're asking you  questions, you can have some kind of reply and information about their brands to spit back. Be polite, well spoken, and punctual...that's just basic etiquette, though.. Here are some links to similar threads on the forums, you can read through for more info:

Hope that helps!


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