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Mar 17, 2005
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Ok, J Crew had this whole madras patchwork look early this spring/summer. How do you feel about madras? Personally, I never liked it. At first I thought it looked clownish. But then after seeing a few pieces, I'm not so sure its all that bad.

Its one *look* I really would like to know people's opinion on.

Madras plaid - madras patchwork......

Ok, let me find a right back.

I have a hat and two madras purses. I like it as an accessory, probably wouldn't wear it.

hmm. it's a bit much for my tastes. but i think it could work with jeans and like a white t or tank.

I had a Madras skirt about 15 years ago(early 90's) from J CREW. I still like it but only a bit at a time. You still see a lot of Grosse Pointers wearing it.

hm, I like bright colors, but I'm usually not a fan of such crazy prints, so I would probably only wear it as an accessory. But I think it can be cute with jeans as Charmaine said, it's just not quite my taste.

...and I can't understand why this jacket SOLD OUT at J. Crew.

I love it and I hate it equally....go figure.

Originally Posted by Amethyst ...and I can't understand why this jacket SOLD OUT at J. Crew.
I love it and I hate it equally....go figure.

I think its cute! But that's the preppy in me, I guess. I agree with keeping it simple, with jeans or khakis and maybe a long bead necklace with sandals.
yeah...i kinda like it too, though i probably wouldn't wear it. i guess it is coming back into fashion again. i saw a marc jacobs skirt when i was at neiman marcus that was in a madras pattern, and it was a cute skirt. my only concern is that it is one of those things you like when it is in fashion because it is in fashion, and then it goes out of fashion quick! jcrew always comes up with some wacky ideas that always end up as their sale items online and in the catalog. i haven't seen a single person in madras, has anyone else?

if it were to be worn, it's more of a spring/suimmer look. at least with those colors.

Well, yeah, obviously madras is a spring/summer thing and it's always been in the preppy category as most of J. Crew's stuff is. Some of their items are quite nice (the cashmere stuff).

Its true though, in NYC, I haven't seen anyone wearing madras, yet, all their madras blazers (men & women) are sold out, which is why I'm puzzled.

Fashion sales / what sells are really freaky. At least, back when I was designing, if something sold out, you'd see every other person on the street wearing the "item in question" - which explained WHY it was sold out in the first place.

But not this...

I'm still puzzled - LOL