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Dec 28, 2006
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Hi girls!! So I let you guys all pick my next hair color (along with some other friends!) and, well, it's all done!

The pictures are kind of crappy 'cause they were taken with a disposable camera, but whatever! You can get the general idea

(AND I was wearing my new AN foundation with MAC skin finish in Shimpagne
So I can show that off too)

The little girl in the photos is my 2-year-old neice Lily, who refuses to be put down or not in my lap whenever I'm around.
AND speaking of that, since this is a general chit chat thread...I'm going to be an aunt again! My sister just found out, and I'm so excited to be an aunt for the 3rd time!!

You hair is beautiful and you are gorgeous. Your neice is really cute. Congratulations on becoming an aunt for the third time.

I love the colour. Very pretty and warm. And congrats on being an auntie! how excitement.

your niece: she's such a cutie

the haircolor looks really natural i thought it was naturally yours (if that makes any sense lol)


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