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Dec 29, 2005
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Well I look at this picture and I cant EVER decide if I like it or not... if any of you lovely talented photoshoppers could make over my picture Id really love that! Do whatever you desire all I want to say is I dont want any text in it. Id love to see what can be done lol and use whichever version of it you like best. I want to decide if this a good picture or not...THANK you so much



Could you list your fave colors, Style, And possible inspiration for the pic. Or even an example? lol, the "Do whatever you want" Thing frustrates alot of photoshoppers because we get scared that you wont like what we do lol. Worst thing is to dissapoint someone.

Oh lol Im sorry. Im not sure what to say
Anytime I see a pic photoshopped I like it. Theres not really a particular theme or anything I was looking for, so dont even worry about disappointing or anything lol I promise you wont be. Any little bit of photoshopping impresses me because I have no idea how to do it myself. I guess my favorites is like when you see before and after pictures, and it has that touched up flawless perfect look. And I guess generally I like darker colors, like a dark background, hehe Im not sure what Im trying to say so Im sorry to ramble

No no Thats fine! thanks. lol there has been so many times that ive done peoples pictures and they say oh well thats nice but...

I'll probably be working on your pic tonight, dereon will hoepfully taking a shot at this one too!


Your beautiful.

Aaww thank you, whenever you find the time is just fine with me, can't wait to see the finished pic!

Hope ya like!

Im kinda sleepy, so i probably will not liek how it looks when i wake up tommorow.



Oh. My. God!!! I totally love them both
. I cant even decide which one I like more they are both so great. Thank you so much I cant thank you enough. I guess this was an alright picture after all lol. Thank you so much for making my just, decent, picture, into something so beautiful. Twice!!! I love them!!!!

Hi Francesca,

couldnt resist making you over, as always, i think you are gorgeous as it is but here is my personal touch, i hope you like them

Omg i friggin love the first one, beautiful daeron, you inspire me!

lol. Im going to post one of my pics for you to do.

Good job ladies, I love her name on the pic, it's very pretty.

And you're already beautiful Francesca.


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