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Feb 3, 2013
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I have very oily skin and I was wondering what kind of foundation to wear. I currently use powder but it doesn't last very long. what should I do?

Do you use a primer? What about a finishing powder? Both of thee will help make your foundation last longer.

You'll want a mattifying primer and oil free products. Keep blotting papers handy, but those toilet seat protectors work in a jiffy, too. Are you looking to try foundation or stick with just powder?

i use a primer, amazon tarte foundation, setting powder and the setting spray. i get a good 8hrs, sometimes 10, before it starts to fade.

I've just started using De-Slick Setting Spray by Urban Decay (I have very oily spots on my face) and it is AMAZING. It makes your eyeshadow last FOREVER. <3

1. For everyday use, I use Skin 79 Hotpink BBcream and set it with a skin 79 powder, then I set my eye make up with ELF mineral eye primer, and my make up usually stays on all day. It gives me that natural, but very baby butt smooth finish.

2. If my skin is feeling a little under the weather or more oily, I also sometimes use my BB cream as a primer and use the Shiseido Powdery Foundation as my base face make up. 

3. If it's a particularly hot day, I use a face primer (Smahbox - this maybe be too much for everyday use though) and set my face make up with Shiseiso powder.  Shisedo make up powdery foundation has really good coverage and lasting power and leaves a matte finish.

Some pretty good face primers are: Sephora brand primer (It's a lower performing and cheaper version of  Smashbox), Primetime by Bare Minerals, Avon and Clarins have pretty good primers as well.

Really good eye primers are Two Faced Shadow Insurance and Urban Decay Primer Pots. 


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