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Mar 7, 2012
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My problem is this: no matter how many different methods I use, I can't get my make-up natural looking. This really only applies to my t-zone area; I have combination skin and, for some reason, both parts of my face react differently whenever I apply make-up to them. I can usually get my make-up looking slightly natural everywhere outside my t-zone but when it comes to that specific area it just won't have it. This doesn't start with my foundation either, my concealer usually acts up for the times I decide to use that. I'm not sure of the term. Caking?, Creasing? It just all clots up as if there is dry skin there (but there isn't) I thought it was dry skin at first, but it's my t-zone; it's where all the oil builds up! I do my usual cleanse and moisturise before. There are times when I have applied moisturiser twice just to make sure. I have even changed my cleanser and moisturser but I think I've come to the conclusion that my skincare isn't the problem.

Basically my questions are as follows: Is there something that you're supposed to apply in-between moisturiser and concealer/foundation? I've heard of primers; what do these do and would they be of any help? Should I be using a liquid or powder foundation? Any ideal concealers? What exactly am I doing wrong?

I'm sorry for the onslaught of questions but this is really stressing me out. Obviously foundation sets the base for the rest of your make-up; get it wrong and screw up everything else you put on top of it - which I keep doing.

Primer is used to smooth out your skin and fill in any pores before putting on foundation.  It also helps to keep foundation on all day.  You should try a mattifyer.  I'd suggest Murad's Oil-Control Mattifyer.  What it's going to do for you is help control the oil in your T-zone so that you have a nice balance of moisture.  It also doubles as a primer.  It's going to provide long-lasting oil control, contains SPF, and has no mineral oils or alcohol in it.  Due to its price, if you have a Sephora close to you I'd head in and ask for a sample to see if it works for you. :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

There are a lot of variables in your post.

What are you cleansing and moisturizing with now?  It may be too harsh for your skin causing your oil glands to over react.

What makeup are you using now?  Is it oil or water based?

With oily areas its best to start at the root of your problem, it may not be your make up.  Unfortunately, that means a lot of trial and error.  Everyone may give you advice, but the truth is - what works for you may be different that works for someone else with oily skin.

Start with your cleanser - what products are you using?  Is it soap? Is it foamy? Is it creamy? Is it labeled for oily skin or normal skin or sensitive skin? Does it have irritants, like alcohol? 

A good place to start is the mall or Sephora... check out the counters and get advice from sales ladies... dont buy anything, but ask for samples.  A lot of places (like Sephora) will give you enough of a sample to try it out for a week to make sure you like it before you commit to it. 

Talk to direct sellers like Mary Kay or Arbonne or BeautiControl - they have the time to really go thru your regimen and give you advice - of course, they're gonna try to sell you their stuff, but be firm and ask for samples to try first.

From there you move on to your makeup routine... again, there are a lot of products out there that cater to oily skin... researching them will take time, but again samples and testers will do you wonders without breaking the bank!

Things to consider.... a good primer, BB cream, or matifier (the least expensive is Milk of Magnesia)

A good foundation (mineral powder, liquid, cream, or pressed powder type?)

A setting product, like a pressed or loose powder that you can take with you all day to "touch" up...

Sorry if this was a lot of information to digest...

Yeah, I agree with DreamWarrior, a consult would be best and would really narrow down your concerns to the BA so they can recommend a specific solution(s).

I have oily skin, mostly oily, not even combination. It took me years and years of trying different products to find the right routine for me. I'll just suggest what I am using because they are pretty versatile products with any skin type. 

Cleanser/Moisturizer: Philosophy's Purity with a Clarisonic Plus Brush + Hope in a Jar (original formula) moisturizer (very light weight and absorbs into the skin well, I don't ever feel dry or that it is oily)

Primer: Too Faced Cosmetics Primed and Poreless Skin-Smoothing Face Primer (the best primer for me, I think it really helps with controlling the oil because I no longer get oily around my nose which was a huge problem for me before)

Foundation: Lancome Tient Idole Ultra 24Hour Foundation

Setting Powder: Laura Mercier (very finely milled, the powder is weightless and perfecting) 

It could also be that you're not exfoliating enough and need to get that dead layer of skin off before makeup can be applied.

I hope that helps. :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />