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Jun 8, 2012
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Hi guys,

I am a new user here and primarily signed-up to ask for help and advise as I do not use and have never used any kidd of make-up. I have invented a make up glove that you can customize and wear, primarily geared toward professionals or for people who like to keep the other hand (one that's not holding a brush) free.

I have submitted my invention to quirky ( ) and would like to ask if you would give me any advise on how to improve this product, perhaps modifications, if you would use something like this, what other beauty products this can be used with, etc. all suggestions welcome.

Thanks so much!


reesesilverstar, thank you so much, would you mind making any improvements suggestions at the invention site? Currently Quirky is offering up-to 6% influence to everyone who would suggest improvements for the ideator. Influence means that if they go ahead with the product, they will distribute portion of the sales to all influencers for life. If you are not familiar with quirky process you can check out their learn section. It's a croudsourcing product development company that launched famous Pivot Power (sold at Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc.).

I would really appreciate any input from real pros.

Thanks again.

Really nice one and have visited from the post and nice suggestions boost up us a lot. Keep sharing with us so that we  don't have to miss the best one .


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