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Sep 9, 2007
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Hi I am new here and have a question about brushes. I have looked at Chanel at $250 for 5 brushes and MAC which are about $22 a piece and Sephora $40 a set and Target $3 a brush. I am a crossdresser and learning. Does the quality of the brush matter. I want to look good. I have to really paint to change from boy to girl. I don't use them everyday. Once a week to once a month. Any suggestions???? Thanks Dana

If you want good brushes, but you're just starting out, then I'd go with low-end ones first. Sonia Kashuk in Target is good, as well as Essence of Beauty (EOB), which you can find at CVS/Rite-Aid. If you really want to go high-end, MAC has good brushes.

I dont think spending alot of money on brushes is necessary.

Brushes are important but application is as well.

I'm just starting to use makeup myself, I bought a brush set with 5 brushes (by Lancome, $58) It included a blush brush and 3 eye shadow brushes. and since then I buy them alone.

I think you should start with the basics 1st:

Blush brush

Powder brush

foundation brush

concealer brush

and various eyeshaow brushes (esp. a blending brush)

Hope this is helpful.

NYX has good brushes at great prices.

Even craft store brushes can be really good if you're choosing the right ones

Watch Enkoremakeup on youtube


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