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Nov 2, 2011
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So I'm a makeup artist and am big on keeping my makeup clean. I was looking at those UV disinfecting scanners and was wondering if anyone uses them to kill germs on makeup?

try 'beauty so clean' . it is a great product that can sanitize any product from lipstick, creams, and pressed powders with absolutely NO visible changes or negative side effects. i order through the Alcone company and their customer service has been great. i keep a nice stash of the beauty so clean spray in my pro kit. i have found no use for the wipes that they also sell.

Beauty so clean has been been around for several years and is not new to the industry. But this UV thing is new to the make-up biz, hence how she worded her post.

It's interesting. I might just get one. It wouldn't hurt to have I suppose.
I've seen ones like this for purifying bottled water. (They look like an oral digital thermometer). So they must be on to something. From what I've read on the NANO, I am considering getting one myself.

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