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Dec 17, 2007
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I didn't use any moisturizers before. I have used foundations before. All from Vichy and now I'm sick of them. They all make my face look pink and too fake. I want to get a moisturizer, foundation, blush and some acne skin care. I have pimples on my forehead and in the morning oily skin. I want to buy the make-up from either MAC or Clinique because I heard that they're the best. I also heard that MAC's foundations make you break out. I was looking through a lot of forums and read that Clinique's Clarifying Powder Makeup, Almost Makeup and Clarifying Makeup Clear Skin Formula are the best foundations. Which one is the best out of those 3 though? And I don't know which moisturizer to choose. Also I'm having a problem with finding the right shade. They're always either too dark or too light. Any help?

acne? i HIGHLy recommend looking into mineral makeup!! its sooo great for your skin, it doesnt break it out, and i have super oily skin and it hides it really well. you should look at the mineral makeup forums (mmu forums)

PLUS - - they are super cheap compared to mac and clinique!!

great investment to try before you shed out all ur money on the high end brands

Originally Posted by mixxey /img/forum/go_quote.gif What brands are examples of mineral makeup? Oh, there's so many! My fave is Urban Decay. Here's a thread that will definitely open your MMU options!
For a starting make up, i would try clinique. For a moisturizer you could also try Clinique. Their moisturizers and make up are good but i would stay away from their 3 step skincare because it's too harsh IMO. Hope you find something


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