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Jun 9, 2004
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Just wanted to make everyone aware that if you are bidding on a skin care product that should have a lot number and expiration date on it, make sure before you bid that the product does in fact have this number or numbers on it. I had no idea people would sell expired skin care. Guess I was pretty naive about the whole deal.

I bid on 2 RoC Age Diminishing Moisturizers. They were described as "brand new" but not in their boxes. I didn't care about the boxes, I was so excited about buying 2 bottles for less than the price of one. It never occurred to me that someone would describe them as "brand new" but expired.

I received them and both bottles had black smudges where someone had wiped off the lot numbers and the expiration dates. When I emailed the seller, she told me to check the boxes for the expiration dates!

Long story short - seller uncooperative, negative feedback left. Filed complaint with PayPal. PayPal advised to return both bottles to seller but they couldn't advise me if I would receive a refund or not. Emailed PayPal protesting this, didn't receive response. Decided to take my chances & return bottles. Before I could get to the post office, PayPal cancelled my claim, stating they had "never" heard back from me. eBay being equally uncooperative as well.

This person is a MAJOR seller at eBay and most of her auctions are for skin care items. I feel so badly for all the women who are purchasing from this seller not knowing the items are expired.

Live and learn, I guess!

OMG, that sucks. I would probably keep bugging paypal and ebay until they refunded the money. Did you get delivery confirmation when you sent the packages back?

Oh wow! I can't believe someone who does so much business with skin care would do that to you!
I'd keep on with Paypal - as long as it's over $25 they should refund your money.
I have an expiration date story too! A little diff. though..

Back at Benefit Macy's, I got a shipment in of our tinted moisturizer, You Rebel, and I decided to check the color because sometimes we would get really dark ones and really orange ones and I wanted to make sure it was the right color this time. They seemed okay, but I saw that there was an expiration date on the tube that said it expired two months from the day we got the shipment! I freaked out and called corporate. They said to me that it had to do with the United Kingdom and their standards. Basically they explained that the product batch was made in the UK and that they have shorter expiration dates than in the US. I don't think it really made sense to me at all. I asked someone else about it and they said that the SPF in products only lasts 6 months, then the SPF expires, but not the product itself. So, that could be the reason, or not, I am still not sure. In your case, that's a bit weird since she told you to look at the box, knowing that there was no box. I am also afraid to buy skincare on ebay that isn't sealed because I would be afraid of fillers or people putting Jergens lotion in there instead.

Sorry to hear about that Rowantree.. Care to share the name of the seller so we can all stay away??

Sorry you had to experience that Rowantree. If you paid w/a CC via PayPal, they'll most likely refund you your $$$.
Ooooh, you must have been furious, I know I would have been!
I have seen lots of old, old products for sale on eBay; discontinued stuff, limited-edition holiday stuff, etc that were years old. Those sellers have some nerve. Luckily I haven't bought anything old or expired. Good luck, let us know how it turns out.
I love ebay...out of 190 something purchases, only got screwed once whereby I never received what I won and I couldn't make any head-way with the seller...Only to find out later on, that Ebay had blackballed him for good!! He was taking everyone's $$$$$$ and not delivering
Oh well, live & learn.....

The amount is under $25 and all I have heard from both eBay and PayPal is that they will investigate it, but no mention of refunding my money. I know from USPS tracking that the seller did receive the items back. I hate to name names, but it was asked and I don't feel it's fair if I refuse. So the seller's name is "lovemymiffy" or "chunker77" or "fasttransaction". The seller's name is Trinh Le. It's odd because she/he? has a really high score at eBay. However, she/he? sells an awful lot of face lotions, creams, etc. and all of them are "brand new, sealed, without a box". How something could be sealed without a box I am not sure, because I know the moisturizers I purchased from her were not sealed.

I absolutely adore eBay and have never, ever had a problem before this. Lately I've been snatching up my favorite lip gloss left & right and have been very happy. I even purchased the same moisturizers from another seller with excellent results!