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Aug 21, 2006
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I have been trying on makeup for around a year already and still am getting frustrated that i can never put makeup on correctly. I use Dermablend cover creme that i bought at macys and when the saleslady helped me with applying, it looks easy and the coverage was perfect. BUt i can never do it on my own. Dermablend is a tough makeup to apply accoridng to most ppl b/c it is thick.

I have then tried menpen at The Men Pen - Men's Cosmetic Concealer, Everyday minerals, and the Panstik and i never get the makeup right.

Now, i just want to go to a store and try the makeup on b/c i refuse to buy anything online because i dont know my shade. I am asian btw and have a lot of redmarks/brownmarks. Some people recoommended to me Maybeline but do they have a Maybelline counter at Macys? If they don't i would consider Sephora or MAC but i heard MAC breaks people out.

Is Sephora makeup hard to apply? I heard sephora is the most expensive but I don't really care how much makeup costs as long as it covers good and most importantly is easy to apply. I do not want to go back to the Dermablend counter again b/c i been there 5 times already in the last year and asked the saleslady to help me and each time she shows how to apply, it looks real easy. Yet, when i get home to do it, it never looks right.

What makeup would you suggest for me? Thanks.

What problem are you having with the application? Does it look cakey? Is the color off?

Are you trying to cover your entire face or just spots?

Maybelline is a drugstore brand. You won't be able to try out their products.

You might want to try out more mineral makeup brands. You can get samples for cheap, and they're the most natural looking.

As far as Maybelline, it is a drugstore brand. So there will not be a Maybelline counter at any department store. It is sold more in stores like Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Ulta, etc.

I've never tried Sephora's store brand, so I can't help you out there. I hope you find what you're looking for, though!

I am trying to cover spots not the whole face. I have a bunch of redmarks/brownmarks. It looks cakey but other times the color looks not the right shade BUT the saleslady at macys does it perfectly with the makeup she sold to me. we both use a cosmetic sponge.

Honestly..with dermablend you can't just use it on spots and wear no other makeup. The areas that have makeup will be obvious against naked skin. I suggest using a sheer tinted moisturizer all over your face...Revlon Tinted Moisturizer is great (found at any drugstore) and then use your dermablend on the darker spots.

Try using a concealer brush with it...should help ease the thickness and blend it more seamlessly. Keep practicing! Oh...and make sure you use a makeup dissolving remover with the Dermablend...or your bound to end up with clogged pores.

well you actually can use dermablend by itself. Of course you use the white setting powder afterwards. That's how the saleslady did it.

I have a problem with hyperpigmentation and acne scars myself (I'm also Asian)... The best concealer I've ever tried is TheBalm's Time Balm, but that's because I have a large area to cover.

I second BeneBaby's suggestion of using a concealer brush. I find it too hard to cover precisely with a sponge. You might try dabbing a bit of a cream concealer onto a concealer brush, dabbing it on the spot, and gently blending it in.

If you are just learning MU, I would suggest Powder foundation. (the one u apply with a sponge) it will give the coverage u want. Liquid is hard to apply for beginner and also less coverage.

after i am done with my liquid i am going back to powder.


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