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Jan 1, 2013
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Hi guys!

I was just perusing through the threads and realized there wasn't a lot of centralized information on makeup for all the men folk out there. Here's a tutorial that I just posted on YouTube. 

If you've got any more tutorials, tips, or tricks feel free to leave them here, along with any other video tutorials or blog posts!

Can't wait to see some responses


I'm not a man but I still find videos like this really interesting. Good to see that more men are making tutorials like this. I get quite pissed at some of the ignorant comments I see on YouTube towards male makeup artists who even do demos on themselves. It's time for these stupid, narrow minded stigmas to be trashed once & for all.

MtF here, and I second what Satojoko said. Personally, I have been loving GossMakeupArtist in speaking of male makeup artists. He not only knows what he is doing and has taught me things, but he has a personality similar to mine, I love him for it. Nice video. :D /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

Wayne is Ah-May-Zing. Enough said. His tutorials are to die for and they're so thorough. 

Is that GMA's real name? Never knew. s: Yeah, he is terrific. Hoping to learn more with him. Planning to try to really get this contour thing down. I think I need more colors.

Contouring is an art form all to itself. He's got some great tutorials. As a MtF, you should check out some of Misty Eyez tutorials on highlight and contour. They're drag, but they're great for spelling out ways to feminize the face - just tone down the colors a bit and blend it out a bit more for everyday wear! 

I tried ME before, and the white thing he does kind of didn't work for me. xD..... I keep trying to mix up what everyone has to offer, >.o

Originally Posted by jaydhagberg /img/forum/go_quote.gif

Here's my newest tutorial!
You kind of remind me of Colin O'Donoghue (Captain Hook, Once Upon A Time) with guy liner on. Very 21st Century Pirate.

I do hundreds of male make-ups a year. And that is no exaggeration.

I still shake my head at how many guys on YouTube and newbie female MUA's still use female make-up techniques for a so-called mens clean no make-up look and yet the men all look feminized . In my experience it will take about 3 years for a newbie female MUA to properly do a mens make-up. For newbie guy MUA's I don't know, as I've never worked with any and the only male MUA's that I've worked with all have 20+ years experience.

Mind you the top vid is a street make-up albeit a heavy or what we call an overly-groomed look for a street look. However for a male model look, it works and for the club it works, just like the 2nd vid works for a club or emo look. Rock musicians also sport this look.

I am with IATSE, and have worked with locals 33, 891, 212, 210, and 873. And all of the Keys I've worked under are ALL women, but they all have 30-40 years experience of doing it all and they do the BEST male make-ups I've seen and for that matter, everyone else has seen.

I did Laurence Fishburne's make-up for an EPK with NBC on the set of Hannibal on the 11th shoot day of 12 of episode 1.

Laurence uses Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer in Mocha and her mineral pressed powder in Warm Chestnut. I also used Face to Face anti-shine in Dark just around his hairline. As you can see in the trailer below, this is an example of a no make-up look for a male. The on-set Key MUA was Rose Mary Holosko and this was her make-up look for him on the show.

K, thanks...but what if the guy is trying to femme his face? Can you recommend a tutorial? Or an MUA in the DC area? Thanks, R

K, thanks...but what if the guy is trying to femme his face? Can you recommend a tutorial? Or an MUA in the DC area? Thanks, R
Most if not all the "men" make-up tutorials on YouTube are all about that.

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