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Sep 23, 2005
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Not the best pic...but this is a Chinese style warm pink dress with yellow/golden accents (dragons, curlies, etc. =P)

Makeup ideas??

EDIT: I have decided on eyes and cheeks - eyes will be simple, a shimmery light wash (either a beigey gold, goldish taupe, or goldish pink) w/ black liner & mascara, cheeks will be Milani Luminous.

Still totally stumped on LIPS though........recs?????????????????


I'd be inclined to do a subtle smoky eye in olive and green tones, a gentle, pale rose blush (natural looking) and an intense warm pink lippie.

pink and white smokey look(not so shimmery)!!! with pink lipstick and shinyyyyy gloss!! and a light blush!!

with thin or medium line of eyeliner and two coats of mascara!!

false lashes will look good!!

This one is tough. I was going to say a soft grey smokey eye but having seen the dress, maybe you could do gold or pink eyeshadow with black eyeliner, a pale pink blush and a reddish pink kind of lipstick.. like a berryish colour?

The dress is beautiful. I think it would look great with black eyeliner around the eyes, the lipgloss you have in the pic and a very light pinky-warm blush. I don't think you need eyeshadow as the dress is pretty "shimmery".

i was thinking brown e/s blended from the inner crease out towards a shimmery pinkish color

on the crease a purplish color and on the lower lid a deeper matte shade of pink

the colors sound crazy but if its blended right it'd look amazing

Lips - Red, Pink, Or a Nude color like you are wearing in the pic.

Eyeshadow- Pink, Gold, or bronze or you could use all three of them. Even cream e/s.

Blush- Gold Bronzer or Pink Blush.

Eyeliner - Black.

I think your makeup in the pics is good, but just try doing it a bit more dramatics. Do a golden/tuapeish eye, with black liner and lots of black mascara, pink blush, and a full coverage pink gloss, (my HG is NYC lipgloss in SUngold pink and I think it would look great with this dress.

so I've decided on eyes & cheeks (see original post) - based on that, what lips do you guys think would work??????? thanks!!!

Lips light pink or just put some gloss over... really with this dress wouldn't match too heavy makeup just some little touch. Lovely dress


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