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Nov 26, 2004
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My irks:

Bronzer overload. If you want your whole face to be tan, use self tanner!

Dark lip liner with light lip color. Eew!!

Obviously drawing outside of your natural lip-line to make your lips look bigger.

Oh i so agree with the bronzer overload or else excess self tanning lotion all over the body. You know the Donatella Versace look!

This past summer I was on the train and there was this girl sporting a very (fake) tanned look. She also had the very light lipstick and makeup to accentuate it. I then noticed her hands which were holding the pole. They were orange!!! Yuck!!! She had applied the self tanner with her hands and it stained her fingers and looked horrible! To top it off she had a french manicure which made the orange stand out even more. I ask that if you are going to apply self tanner

P L E A S E use a mitt! Orange hands are not in!

Originally Posted by laura127 Oh i so agree with the bronzer overload or else excess self tanning lotion all over the body. You know the Donatella Versace look!
EEEEEEEEEEK! I remember using this stuff called "Sudden tan" back in the 70's, it was a foam that came in a canister, I was going to a big party out in the forest with a bunch of friends and hoping to run into this guy that I had a huge crush on, my friends and I decided to give the Sudden tan stuff a try, we all thought we looked pretty hot with our "new" tans, not one of us took the time to read the information on the can and see that it was not water proof, imagine our suprise when we went swimming only to discover we left our tans in the water
, not only that but I was wearing a white halter top and it turned orange, the stuff smelled awful too! What were we thinking?
i'm w/ya on the bronzer OD & contrasting lip liner & l/s. both are a little too ghetto for me.

Foundation that doesn't match the neck... nothing bugs me more than the line of demarcation.

Stripes of blush on the cheeks. I think people get this when they use the blush brush that comes with the blush... these brushes are usually always pieces of crap! UGH. And you can invest in a good blush brush (Sonia Kashuk one) for like $10.

Sperm eyebrows... know what I mean?

And ITA with everything that's already been mentioned.

I agree w/ all above (hello!! you CAN use rubber gloves put on self-tanner! LOL)I also hate spider eyelashes .. and clumpy eyelashes - use a comb!! I personally use one of those disposable mascara wands that they have for testing in dept. stores... (and by the bagful at Sally's) And also eyeliner that looks like it was applied with a foot... about 1/4" away from the lashes and jagged and uneven... ugh!

-People who don't fill in their brows and totally over pluck/wax. Eyebrows are the most important part of the face to me, and if they aren't perfect, I can't go out of the house. I don't understand how women can put a whole face of makeup on and not fill in the brows.

-Over bronzed. I noticed a lot of MAC employees do this.

-Creasing shadow. Eww.. a base like FY eye or Lemon Aid will work great. (Benefit)

-White foundation on tan skin. It's a big trend where I live, foreign people who have naturally dark skin like to look pale, so they buy the lightest foundation. It makes their skin look gray.


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