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May 11, 2006
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I thought maybe some of you would know were to get this. I would like to get a makeup kit for christmas that has picture instructions or a instructional video on how to do a couple of looks. I have no clue how to do makeup and this would be awesome. I would like a kit for the whole face that comes with all the makeup. Do you know of anything like this or does anything like this exist? Thanks

You could check eBay for an Alexis Vogel kit.

She's no longer associated with her company, so that's why I'm recommending eBay. She used to have a starter makeup kit that came with an instructional booklet and an instructional video.

In one of my Sephora catalogues, Smashbox had a "Master's Class Expert Eyes Value Kit" it was a limited edition, it has a DVD and 6 shadows, some e/l and brushes/mascaras...but sometimes they have the brand on QVC and they do their makeup on it... Bare Escentuals Get Started Kit also at Sephora has a DVD with it. Try looking them up, I found this one Sephora: Smashbox Master's Class Expert Eyes Set ($174 Value): Combination Sets

It's 59$ I think.

Hey thanks for the suggestions. I think I might get the smashbox one for the eyes. I have always wanted to learn the smokey eye look.


Some personal favorite books are by Kevyn Aucoin; Francois Nars' "Make Up Your Mind" and Eve Pearl's "Plastic Surgery without the Surgery: The Miracle of Makeup Techniques".

Eve also has an excellent instructional dvd which is based on her book. You may still be able to see some excerpts of it on YouTube.

Models Prefer kits come with instructions. I think you can only get it through QVC.


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