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Jun 9, 2007
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inspired/stolen idea from Makeup reuinion!

where were you 10 years ago?

where did you think you would be today?

i was 14 and i didnt buy any makeup at all but i had a big thing with nail polishes. lol Im not the type to think too far into the future so i have no idea where i thought i would be today.

10 years ago, I was 15. I only wore foundation (to even out my skin/cover up blemishes), and never really thought I'd actually be into makeup! lol! I wasn't sure what I wanted to do when I graduated from high school and wasn't really sure where I'd be.

10 years ago I was 6 years old..I always loved sparkles and glitter,, used to think I could use markers as lipstick!! (eewwwy) I would also wear lipstick when I took glamour shots then wiped it off all over my face! Back then I thought I'd have a career already, but I'm still in school..=P

I was starting to get a bit chubby and there was no way in heck I would think of putting on makeup. I also wasn't so great at chatting with girls.

10 years ago I was just about to turn 14. I had just had my first real kiss on the 29th of august and the only future I though of involved that boy I kissed! LOL!

i was 8.. i use to play in my mummu's traincase full of makeup(she's a makeup artist) and use to think it was heaven. 10 yrs later, it had not change, i still love to play in her traincase

i was 13 in 8th grade planned to take over the world and wore clinique baby kiss lipstick

I was 18 and living in Orange County. It was my freshman year of college and I discovered a lot about myself that year.

i was 12.

makeup was foundation, black shadow.

and i dressed/shoped in the boys sections of stores (which i still do on occation).

I was 11 and I didn't know much about people or relationships. Still don't right now actually. hahaha.. I wore gloss and tried pencil eyeliners.

I was 32. My daughter was 10. I had been married and divorced once, graduated from college and unknown to me at that time, I would be married again in another year. (shoulda stayed single). I think at that time I was content with my life. I owned my own home and could even afford the mortgage payments.

I was 23 and unemployed, and didn't wear makeup. I'd worn it in my teens but had stopped. Then in 2000, I went on a family holiday to France and ended up in a Sephora...


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