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Aug 15, 2011
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During winter when my skin gets drier, the area around my lips gets visibly dry and uneven in texture. It's really not that noticeable, but when I wear any makeup over that area, it just really emphasizes how chapped/dry the area is.

Does anyone know of any good makeup primers that could help smooth the skin out? I've tried wearing moisturizers underneath, but that doesn't really seem to help. Thanks!

The thing is, I have super sensitive skin--or at least, sensitive areas of my skin are super sensitive. Thicker moisturizers tend to irritate that area, which aggravates my eczema.

Even when it's not visibly dry, the underlying skin is just not very smooth. It's not noticeable from a few feet away, but if you get closer the makeup just looks really cakey :/

I have skin that's very red and sensitive from rosacia, and recently started using Cure Aqua Gel to exfoliate.  It's REALLY made a difference in the appearance of dry areas, without irritating my skin.  Exfoliating no only cuts down on the flakes, but can make your moisturizer absorb better, so you don't have to change to something overly-thick.

You still have to exfoliate, and there are moisturizers on the market for sensitive skins, you have to keep trying until you find one that works. What i usually do is go for the same moisturizer i use, but formulated for dry skins (i have combination skin). I also use Korres thyme honey moisturizer for winter, but you have to allow it to sink in. To tell the truth, if i am on the clock, i will skip my rosacea treatment, which is great in many aspects but makes my foundation wear off more quickly on my cheeks.

I use MAC's prep+prime primer, the regular version, but i know there are several so you could look into it.