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Nov 13, 2007
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Ive noticed on alot of stashes that everyone has these 3 drawer see thru make up units, where do you all get them? thats what I need I have some but mine are from the floor standing the one that rolls on wheels, I want the ones you can place on vanitys

i got mine from a hardware store LOL like a home depot or soemthing HTH

Whats The Brand Name So I Can Google It To Find Where I Can Go And Get It, Walmart And Target Dont Show It Online,

There are different brand names and I can't think of one at the moment! I will get back to you when I do! =)

I just searched is there one by sterlite 3 drawer countertop for like 5.79 is this one you girls have?

You can find them all over like people have said. Target, Dollar General, etc. I'm going to move this thread to Makeup. This forum is for pics and lists of stash, a question pertaining to where people store there stash would be a makeup question. You'll probably get more response in that forum! Thanks!


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