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Feb 12, 2012
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Hey guys, I know it sounds silly to get makeup just to throw it away a little bit later but during my treatments it will totally be worth it just to help me feel a little bit more normal.

I need to do another radiation treatment and i want to get some cheap but good makeup to use for the week or two after i am done. I won't be super radioactive after the first couple days but i still would like to play it safe and not contaminate my nice and expensive makeup. Soooooo any recommendation for some cheap makeup that i won't feel bad about throwing away after a week or two but works good too? I'm thinking about spending $10-$20 total in makeup. 

Definitely ELF. 10-20 can go REALLY far on their website, and usually they have a promo if you spend 25 dollars. 

I hope you feel better! 

I agree ELF gives you bang for your buck and it's pretty good stuff! 

Good luck on your recovery!

Oh I definitely agree with ELF.  I actually just posted a haul earlier today from ELF.  I seriously love their stuff! 

ELF for sure! They have so many items that are only $1. I'm sure you can definitely find something that makes you feel beautiful. 

I hope your treatment goes smoothly, and you get better soon!

ELF and wet n' wild! I heard ELF primer + wet n' wild shadows are a must! Wet n' Wild has stuff ranging from 69 cents to 5 dollars. 

Not silly at all, that's a great idea!!

ELF is great in value but I feel like their colors (eyeshadows, lipsticks) aren't very pigmented.  If I were you this would be my breakdown:

-An 8-color Wet n Wild palette (5$)

-One Wet N Wild lipstick (3$)

-ELF Mascara, pencil liner, liquid liner, shimmering face whip (amazing highlighter!), blush, bronzer, concealer, and pressed powder. You can get each for a dollar, so that'd be 8 bucks!

Total:16$... can't beat it!!

Mix in a touch of concealer with any moisturizer you have and it makes foundation in a cinch... concealer also makes for a good lip and eye primer.

I also wouldn't waste money on cheap brushes, just use sponges and your fingers.

E.L.F. is having a promo on their site for free shipping on orders above 13.50, but it ends today. Good luck with your treatment!! =]

i agree with the elf.  they have some awesome liquid lipsticks - my ultimate faves are ruby slipper and pink lemonade.  and they are only a buck each.  i always used to love the idea of lipsticks, but never wore them - i had a TON of choices.  but now, after the elf finds, i feel totally naked without one of those on my lips.

i've had decent luck with eyeshadows from dollar tree (they seem to have decent pigmentation) and sometimes walgreens has palletes with like 10 colors, usually a buck each on those too. 

good luck to you!  hope you feel "normal" in short time.


Yup, hit up Dollar Tree first. Mine has Maybelline and L'Oreal lipsticks and Jane and L'Oreal lip gloss. They also have a handful of ELF products, both the essential and studio line, so you might be able to find the nicer $3 blushes but only pay $1! They also have a few of the ELF quads there for simple eye makeup looks for only $1, although I think I'd still go with the WnW Comfort Zone 8 pan palette for $5. Big Lots would be another to hit up if you have one near you. They carry pretty much all the drugstore brands but at greatly reduced prices (last years limited editions...overstock...discontinued products etc). So if you feel naked without foundation/powder you can find some there for $3 or 4 each.

Good luck with your treatment and hope you are well soon.

Oh yeah, if mascara is a must have, you might want to check out NYC. I heard that when they revamped their mascaras, they actually turned out to be pretty good. (Been getting good reviews.) I haven't heard too much one way or the other about ELF's mascara, anyone else try it? You can get that at Target and avoid the shipping fees...although with all the stores I'm sending you to you'll be using a lot of gas unless you have them all in the same general neighborhood! lol

For E.L.F, Target is also having a deal on their website of pick 3 E.L.F. products and get free shipping and a 10% discount. Their selection is more limited than the actual E.L.F. site though. Good luck w/ your treatment!

I like maybelline's fit me foundation, if you want a decent liquid foundation. wet n wild shadows are always nicely pigmented, albeit a little chalky (but great quality for the price). if you have an ULTA nearby (I don't) definitely look for NYX products. cottage cheese is a great inner eyelid pencil highlighter, and their round lipsticks are super cheap. if you want brushes that are a little better quality than ELF but still affordable, definitely get the EcoTools travel eye brush kit.


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