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Sep 12, 2012
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Since I arrived in washington I have had the worst time applying makeup. My foundation gets all cakey and gross from dry skin. The only way it looks even a little good is if I apply my metrogel cream, coconut oil, moisturizer and sunscreen. Even then it's a little caked looking and I'm looking like a grease ball :/ I need to exfoliate but it usually irritates my sensitive rosacea skin. Any tips?

I had many skin problems when my husband & I moved back to Canada after being in Indonesia for 10 years. I have oily skin but it started to get big dry, itchy red patches, lots of dead skin build up, constant breakouts and was just generally really irritated. I found that Isomers skin care products were the only ones that worked for me. They calmed my skin down & normalized it. I got some serums that are high in hyaluronic acid. It works to super hydrate any type of skin and calms irritation down. The company has a product that my friend uses for her rosacea that has horse chestnut extract in it. It actually cleared up the problem for her altogether. The company ships internationally very affordably. When you move to a different climate your skin can take a big hit. The best thing you can do is calm it down.

Have you tried tinted BB creams instead of foundation? That's what I've ended up using! That with translucent mineral powder to set it :) I too have rosacea, and I've actually noticed a difference with the redness after I started using Josie Maran Argan Oil. I apply it at night before bedtime. Hope this helps!

I have rosacea, too.  For a couple of years my skin was terribly inflamed.  Every exfoliant I tried would make it worse, until I ordered Cure Aqua Gel.  It's wonderful!  I use it two times a week.  Pretty costly - the bottle was about $50, but have since found I caught it at the most expensive moment on Amazon, and also a few sites on the web sell it (but I don't know how reputable they are).  You can find it for $35-$40.  Since it works and my bottle has lasted me four months of three pumps twice a week and I still have about a third left, I'm not all that sad about the extra $10.  I've read that Skin79 Crystal Peeling Gel is the same thing for a much lower price.  It's about $15 including shipping on Amazon, and I just ordered one to try before I run out of Cure.  Not even sure if they're the same size - it could be half the size for just under half the price, but I figured it was worth a shot.  If it's not as good, I'll repurchase Cure in a heartbeat.

At the same time I started with that (late Sept of last year), I tried Shea Terra's black soap with rose hips, a vaseline-substitute made with coconut oil, honey, and beeswax to moisturize at night, and switched from foundation to Skin79 BB Cream.  Within a couple weeks, the inflammation went away.  Totally.

Unfortunately, I have very oily skin, so this regimen was terrible for that.  I'm now trying other things I hear aren't bad for rosacea, trying to nix the oil without losing the ground I've won.  I've switched cleansers a few times and just started with a Clarisonic a week ago, have switched from the coconut oil to some natural oils and aloe, and am using mineral powder foundation instead of the Skin79 some days.  We'll see how this goes.

Bright side, even now that I'm switching it up, the inflammation hasn't come back.  Worst I get is a bit pink some days.  Usually not even that, but the Skin79, which is apparently rather light coverage, covers it well (until it slides off my face).


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