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Jun 19, 2012
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Hi everbody. Im a Japanese University Student newbe. We can see Mt Fuji from our campus.Thankyou for this forum. Its very cool. Members comments are useful.      

I have a question.

What do you feel about Japanese cosmetics?

Personally, I Iove some Japanese products. Unfortunately importing most of it is expensive or can't import at all.

Hi and welcome! I don't know much about japanese cosmetics, though I would like to try some. Like Zadi said, importing is expensive.

hajimemashite, yoroshiku!

I don't have a lot, but I know my sister specializes in Asian cosmetics, and a majority of them come from Korea and Japan. Both countries have really good skincare though.

Thank you for replying me and interested in Japanese products.

I think they are expensive too. So I'd like to recommend the reasonable cosmetics in Japan.

・The foundation

CEZANNE have a ultra power of cover and very cheap. $6

CEZANNE's cream is good too! It has yellow and pearl.

It looks healthy covering a face by yellow. ¥4

Maybe you can buy it in America,so please check it out on the Internet!

Or come to Japan to buy it. Welcome! 

REVLON is my favorite cosmetics too!

Especially I like eyeliner and lipstics.

Please introduce your favorite cosmetics.

And try to use my introduced things.'


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