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Dec 28, 2006
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Hey Nury! Just wondering if you'll do a PS makeover on one of these pics. Thanks chicka I love your work!



Aww Manda, you look so pretty, you sure you need a ps makeover?

alrighty, i will try and do something cool with them

RAWR manda!! Not sure you could look any prettier, can't wait to see what she does with it.

btw I can see your bra!! tee hee. lol

Lol Kaylin, it was for the Pussycat Dolls D2B so a bra showin is a MUST! Aww thanks girls, I like how the mu turned out and want to see if Nury can do something cool with it, maybe change the bg too so it's not my bedroom lol

I LOVE the first pic, it's so perfect! Everyone's right, you don't need photoshop.

What did you use btw!?!?!?

Awww, thanks you guys, Nury hasn'teven done the PS yet! I just want her to clean it up and get rid of my bedroom bg.

La Mari- I used mark Face XPert foundation, Maybelinne mousse foundation, mark Speedway and mark Powder Buff on face. On eyes I used the MAC Gentle Fumes quad, blacktrack fluidline and mark Make It Big mascara. Cheeks I'm pretty sure I used Smashbox blush duo in Glimmer, along with a highlighter (either Smashbox or MAC beauty powder) and lips I used MAC Illicit l/g.

Hi Manda, sorry it took soooooooo long, lol

better later than never i guess, here's your pics

btw, just did a tiny bit of retouching, nothing heavy =]

Looks great Nury, thanks! Yay, you got rid of my bedroom background, I always take pics in front of my mirror so that's always my background. You are too awesome!


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