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Jun 11, 2005
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Mimi is looking svelte and trim in this purple gown. I actually really like it on her. The color is gorgeous and her makeup isn't as drag quenn as usual. Sooo HOT!
She looks really nice here but I would love to see her in something a little ballsier. She always wears the long tank dresses.

It's very different from the Mariah I'm used to seeing. I love the color purple and she looks good in it. Nice!

She's not looking too bad here at all. She actually looks good in this Wysteria Purple shade. Although, I would like for her evolve her look a little more... she's been looking the same (hair and makeup) since forever. I wanna see her as a real brunette again, she was soo beautiful in that hair color, angelic-looking even!

she looks great but i agree with nox, she needs a change.

i want her to come out and just blow us away!

It looks great on her, it shows off her curves although its a bit long, great colour too.

I recon she's HOT. She looks so youung and fresh, and the dress looks nice on her!

It looks very good. Much better than the skintight outfits she has been seen in lately. Not that this isnt form fitting but you know what I mean.


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