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Jan 7, 2013
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Hi everyone,

Ok I am new to this forum so here goes.... I suffered many years with my skin and I stumbled on Marina's Ambrosia Products about 5 years ago and it has been a life saver ever since. I have what you would call a contact dermatis and it started when I started using skincare and trying to start up a skincare routine when I was about 19. The chemicals in skincare and make up fry my skin and I break out.

Does anyone else have this problem or have had this problem in the past?? I am a fan on this fan page too so this is an Australian product.

I haven't heard of their products but I will definitely go check them out.

I have quite a history of rashing out, breaking out, or looking like my face has been burnt from products. I have found that doing a double skin test with products before I use them has helped me avoid the chemical burns. First I test it on the underside of my forearm and if it is ok there then I test it on my neck on the side up under my ear.

I use a lot of Cetaphil products because they don't irritate my skin. They generally don't have harsh surfactants or fragrances like normal cleansers do. Have you tried any of their stuff?

Hiya Dalylah,

Been a while since I have been on here!!! Yes I have tried ALL of Marina's Ambrosia products that she has on her site and in fact I am into the Mineral make up at the moment. I have been googling a lot about Marina's Ambrosia as I have found so many people are using it and really not many people have heard about it too if you know what I mean.... Wierd!

I havent suffered ANY irriation from using ANY of these products and I know what you mean about contact irritation. IT HAS HAPPENED TO ME HEAPS!!! But not anymore. Thank goodness. Check them out and give them a try you have nothing to loose. I only wish that there was a distributor in Vic ... Alas there isnt but I dont mind as lots of things are online these days and its quick to just order online and have it just arrive at your front door.

I would love to promote this product as I feel that lots of people will enjoy it when they learn about it. I have googled this brand about a week ago and it is EVERYWHERE mentioned. Even on body and soul! There is like a whole thread about this brand. Give it a go and try it!


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