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Jun 8, 2006
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The description: Succulent fruits and sensual Casablanca lily mingle with warm macchiato, liquid caramel and vanilla for a precious scent that's as decadent as it is captivating.

I have a new mag-a-log, and it has a sample on the front. Wow, it smells so nice! It's 20 bucks, andI am definitely buying a bottle. If you get the chance, smell some of it, I personally think it is such a nice fragrance for fall. It smells like something I have worn before, but 20 bucks is so cheap, so I don't care!

Ive tried so many times to get a mag-a-log and I havent received one yet. Its been like 2 months now. I just tried again and it says that the page no longer exists. I like mark products and I want a mag so that I can get them.

That sounds SO good. I always want to try the Mark fragrances but they seem to get discontinued before I can get ahold of the good ones.


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