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Jul 17, 2004
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okey dokey.... Just wanna give my two cents on these products, which I have been using (inconsistently) for about a year. I bought them when my BFF had a little Mary Kay party where we tested products.. you know the deal! If not for that party; I'd have never ever bought them.

It's no wonder they reccomend you buy the cleanser and moisturizer both; cause you will need that moisturizer! I have normal skin; and the Velocity cleanser dries it out sooo badly if I don't immediately follow up with the moisturizer. (Or whatever other moisturizer is close to me at the time) It is a good cleanser in that it does a pretty good job of removing makeup. But unfortunately it has a hard time getting off eyeliner and mascara if you don't use eye makeup remover first. (Which I know we are all guilty of sometimes! in fact, I'm almost always guilty of that....) The moisturizer on the other hand I love! It's lightweight and not greasy, good for both day and night.

I know everyone is different so this could be a great cleanser for others, and the moisturizer may not be as great for others, as well. But IMHO, skip the cleanser and go for the moisturizer.

But I think I'll stick to my trusty drug-store brand cleansers and moisturizers (Clean & Clear, Neutrogena, Olay, St. Ives, Noxema)which have never let me down and are much more affordable.


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