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Jun 16, 2007
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Since I couldn't find Matte2 and Mattene again... here we go.


September 27th, 2007 [uS/Canada]

October 8th, 2007 [international]



  • Blanc type - Creamy beige
  • Tete-a-tint - Caramel brown
  • Brown script - Warm chestnut brown
  • Handwritten - Rich chocolate brown
  • Poison pen - Deep midtone purple with grey
  • Prussian - Deep sea blue
  • Copperplate - Muted midtone grey
  • Graphology - Dark black grey with a hint of purple
  • Signed, sealed - Black maroon
  • Typographic - Asphalt black
  • Post haste - Bright berry pink
  • Pen n pink - Pastel pale pink
  • Newly minted - Rich sea green
  • Flourishing - Rich moss green
  • Fig 1 - Eggplant purple
  • Clarity - Rich aqua
  • 40's Pink - Neutral midtone pink (LE)
  • All Grown Up - Deep chocolate brown (LE)
  • Tango - Coral (LE)
  • You Say Tomato - Tomato Red (LE)
  • Classic Dame - Blood Red (LE)
  • Rapturous - Deep red berry (LE)
  • Powersuit - Vibrant yellow pink (LE)
  • Rougette - Wine Berry (LE)
  • Poise - Yellow Pink (LE)
  • Composure - Neutral bronze plum (LE)
  • Flattering - Beige Pink (LE)
  • Cafe Matte - Rich Caramel (LE)
  • Orange Dare - Bright yellow orange (LE)
  • Seriously Rich - Bright pink red (LE)
  • Immodest - Bright Magenta (LE)
  • Night Violet - Deep purple grape (LE)
Taken from another makeup website respectiably.


Originally Posted by BeneBaby /img/forum/go_quote.gif OMG.....Can't freakin wait!! **money flying from pockets** I know right? From Smoke Signals and Blue Storm to Alexander McQueen... I'm gonna die. I might actually hold off on this collection cus it is perm... sigh...
Yay, out of all the MAC collections Ive been going crazy about lately (Flashtronic Rushmetal Smoke signals and Blue Storm) the one that doesnt seem too exciting to me comes out a couple days before my birthday! Ahhhh! Lol its so unfair!