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Dec 9, 2006
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So whether you're feeling Naughty or Nice, you'll be able to find a gloss here that will suit your mood. To view the collection, click here. Items will be available soon online and in mass retailers nationwide wherever Max Factor products are sold.
You know what's funny? CG and Max Factor have some of the same lipgloss shades, only CG is 3 dollars cheaper. Like I wouldn't notice Procter & Gamble! HA. Lol.

meh nothing special for me, i love some of MF shades of e/s but that about it, oh and there mascars but not a fan of their gloss

I'm not a big Max Factor fan either. I don't have anything from the line, lol. I much more prefer Revlon or L'oreal. I wonder if they'll also come out mineral makeup like all the rest are doing.

I may be the only one that wants to try this.. I like those kind of gloss tubes and Ive been looking for a match to bonnebells cappucino that is sticky, stays on longer, and in a smaller tube that can go in my pocket. Hope they dont disapoint cuz im buyin one when I get money.

Hey, I have this stuff in the "naughty" shade- Girls Night Out (squeeze tube). It's a coraly pink, seems sorta bright in the tube. There is hardly any color to this gloss on your lips though! It seemed practially clear for me! I was really disappointed. It's not super sticky and it even seems somewhat moisturizing...but I honestly have no clue what was naughty about that gloss and it was supposedly one of the more colorful options. Wouldn't recommend this.

<< I thought this was really cute!

Has anyone tried their new line of lip glosses form the Naughty/Nice collection?