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Jun 11, 2005
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There's no doubt Megan is a hot chick...but this outfit doesn't do anything for her. The Tee Shirt dress makes her look oddly disproportionate and a bit chubby in the tummy area. Her hair and makeup look great but that's it. NOT HOT
I think the outfit is alright seeing it's the Teen Choice awards

Her hair and makeup look phenomenal!

WOW She is beautiful but need a new outfit.... looks like something you'd wear out jogging...


Gorgeous girl. The outfit is actually alright, it's quite appropriate for the Teen Choice Awards. It may not be the most flattering, but with what I'm seeing with back to school fashions here in SoCal, "flattering" isn't in this season, LOL.

she looks cute, but maybe a different top. this looks too casual for the event.

I like the outfit for the show that she is at. I am not really liking the placement of the Marilyn tattoo, kind of trashy looking to me.

From the shoulders up, she's perfect. But that grey dress is too damn clingy.


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