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Nov 13, 2006
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Was on beach this summer with lady and she had the most fresh summery fragrance on--she said it was Michael Kors abd went no further. I say her with 2 bottles one was coral looking and the other and aqua look. The hve some reasonable on eBay-but I don't want to pay a fortune that I do not know what I am getting. Can anybody remember Kors summer spray? Very frefreshing smell to it/ Kookie

Originally Posted by bella1342 /img/forum/go_quote.gif He came out with Island Hawaii this summer. It's nice! i like it at first, but then it gets way too sweet for me.
I need a new scent and want something fresh--my current perfume is starting to smell like shaving lotion!!

i love Kors. I like the original Michael Kors. If you like Kors you should like Marc Jabobs.

Here is what he has:

Island Michael Kors Hawaii

This luminous scent bursts open with a kaleidoscope of citrus sensations; exhilarating clementine and juicy orange fuse with luscious neroli while accents of hydroponic pineapple add to the tropical bliss. Exquisite orange flower accentuated with luxurious jasmine sambac and exotic Hawaiian ginger lilies transport the soul to the island destination. The jet set style is amplified by sexy white amber, creamy sandalwood, and rich, flowing balsamic notes reminiscent of warm tanned skin.

Island Michael Kors

The Ultimate Getaway. A chic and relaxed attitude to last all year long. A sparkling, lush, and radiant fragrance of humid florals and tropical waters.

Notes: Kauai Waterfalls, Oxygenated Water, Chinese Kiwi, Hydroponic Honeysuckle, Parrot Tulip, Champaca Flowers, Ginger Lilies, Bulgarian Rose, Stephanotis, White Bark Accord, Galapagos Driftwood.

Style: Sparkling. Lush. Radiant.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors is tuberose reinvented. Creamy florals explode into exotic spices, tamed by Moroccan incense. A fragrant creation with a wealth of personality that will capture the heart of every woman.

Notes: Dewy Freesia, Tamarind, Chinese Osmanthus, Incense, Fresh Tuberose, White Wings Peony, Blue Orris, Arum Lilies, Cashmere Woods, Musk, Vetiver Haiti.

Style: Sophisticated and sensual, warm and wearable.

Thanks a lot. I really need a change--my body chemistry has changed or ssomething and I smell like I am wearing Old Spice Aftershave. LOL


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