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Originally Posted by Katrinah /img/forum/go_quote.gif Hi, I just found a mineral make up seller on ebay: eBay Store - Jc Nadia Store: Basic, Sets, Deluxe
Has anyone tried it?

They offer full size stuff with very cheap price and they seem to have a lot of brushes that looks good too..

hey!what the amount in the full size? please?

Originally Posted by simisimi100 /img/forum/go_quote.gif hey!what the amount in the full size? please?

Full sizes are 10g which is 4 teaspoon. But there are some foundation that are 10g as well but 5 teaspoon.
I'm not sure about that part myself..


I know it's abit late a reply lol but I had bought brushes from them beginning of last year. There 23 pcs Professional Pink Brushes as i luv pink colour & they are extremely good quality as I still have them and they hardly even look worn out. I tried looking for them again this year to check what new stuff they had and found out they have expanded and now have their own website too jcnadiaparis com

I purchased the Mineral Beaute set this time it's sooooooo lovely.........They have 24 different colours of eye shadows (they have quite a few in cream, nudy, beige, brown, bronze shade) as they are used the most for base and finishes and also very shimmery.... hmm the set also includes 4 different shades of foundation powder but because i prefer liquid foundation at first I use to use loreal one but one day i was feeling adventurous and added some moisturiser to the foundation powder mixed the shades and got my colour and i've never come across a better foundation for myself so now I can save the extra i pay for seperate foundation too hehe

I'll probably end up spending it in their website again lol

Oh and If Im having a very good day and have enough time to do my makeup properly some people misunderstand me for a professionak makeup artist lol :p /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" /> n I love that but the truth is it's the magic of Mineral Makeup.

Hence I highly recommend JC NADIA products..

I also quite like their lipglosses as they are extremley cheap and beautiful colours...also they are quite long lasting. I mean who doesnt love to apply their lippy couple of times everyday anyway so in my opinion it's definately better than paying £6 or £7 for a branded one whereas you can pay just upto £1... and there are 12 coloursss to choose from..


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