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Mineral Makeup Brushes

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Sep 6, 2007
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Hi! My username is mochivi

This is what I am looking for:

Mineral Makeup Brushes...just for basic application. (I ordered an Everyday Minerals sample and then realised that I didn't have any brushes for it =/) I'd prefer if the brushes were on the cheaper side too...


Also, has anyone tried the Coastal Scents brushes?

If you have Eckerd/Rite-Aid by you, you can get a Posh brush for $9.99, and the same brush is considered Essence of Beauty (EOB) at CVS for the same price. Also, check the sales to see if anyone has any for sale. I know I've seen some before. As for as Costal Scents brushes, I'm sure there's mention of their brushes in the MMU Forum.


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