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Sep 25, 2007
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What is the best mineral makeup for dry skin (both foundations and finishing powders)? I currently use Pure Luxe and like it, but it seems to be making my dry skin even drier.

Bare Faced Minerals formulates their foundation with Vitamin E and the coverage and finish is very nice.

I recently started using the bee luscious liquid powder mineral foundation and love it!

It never dry's my skin it leaves it smooth and even its truly a great product.

It's good to know that EDM is okay for Dry Skin. I have Keratosis Pilaris on my face, which is a dry skin condition. But so long as I keep moisturized it's okay.

Moisturizing should help,also using a primer.My moisturizer doubles as both.I put MMU on right after I put it on(moisturizer)...flawless.

Some girls seem to really like Lumiere's Flawless Finish foundation for drier skins. You could try using a water mist/spray after applying the foundation (I use Evian) and that helps settle the makeup to make it look more even and natural.

Originally Posted by SusanTang /img/forum/go_quote.gif What exactly IS primer, and what are some examples of good primer? Primers smooths and prep your skin so it gives a good surface to put on foundation. If you have a good moisturizer I don't think primers are that necessary. But primers can ensure your makeup base to last longer.
I haven't tried it but there have been good reviews on Becca's Mineral SPF 30+ Primer.

always moisturize and exfoliate

also, wet application helps. i have dry skin as well..

see thai's tutorial

Thank you! So primer isn't necessary, but it's good to have.

I might have to try it. I'll see how things go with my MMU samples first.

I use my own MMU but find that with dry skin applying damp with a nice hydrosol that is for dry skin makes it look hydrated. My favorite out of the three I tried (fennel, corn flower and rose) from Garden of Wisdom is the rose hydrosol. Two spritzes into my swirly bowl, then a sprinkle of foundation. Moisturize, exfoliate often. I also use humidifiers around my house in the winter to keep the air hydrated. Every little thing helps.

I like Lumiere's Cashmere foundation, and a lot of Silk Naturals stuff. For foundations and finishing powders, I'd stay away from Pure Luxe, and check which EDM formula - PL has kaolin clay in it, and that's drying, and so does some EDM and a lot of other companies, so check the ingredients.

And yes, hydosols make all the difference - I like Sarafina's lavender one myself.