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Mar 12, 2012
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Hi girlies, 

I'm after some advice. I currently user Mac Studio Fix Foundation & Concealer but i'm considering switching to Mineral Makeup as i have alot of spots now and scars, i've looked into it quite a bit and everything about it sounds positive. The brand im thinking of trying is Earthnicity Mineral Makeup as it is a little less pricey. 
Have any of you guys tried this brand? Also is Mineral makeup as good as it sounds? does it help prevent acne etc..
i'd be greatful for your comments :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" /> xxx
My dermatologist recommended that I start wearing mineral makeup to boost my confidence. I used to wear Studiofix. I bought Bare Escentuals/ Bare Minerals, and have used it once and not sure I love it, but it doesn't look as cakey as MAC. It's pretty easy to use, and I also have a lot of post acne hyperpigmentation. I like that I can build coverage with it, poor coverage was my fear when moving to BE.

Sorry I am no help....but i would like to see suggestions also.

I wore EDM MMU a  couple of years ago and really like it, but it was a hassle to order from them so I went to drugstore Neutrogena Healthy Skin for a year or so and stopped liking it now. So I then got the Bare Escentuals starter kit and I liked they way it looked but it broke me out bad on my cheeks.

So be careful with BE, it took about a week for me to start breaking out. It cleared up as soon as I went back to Neutrogena.

Are there any suggestions besides BE?

I don't know anything personally, just what I read on blogs by mineral makeup users, and the one foundation I've heard just about all good reviews is Meow Cosmetics (indie brand, I think?) I've heard that Bare Essentuals breaks out alot of users, I think it's the bismuth in it?

I think mineral makeup is good rather then trying to use other foundation whose ingredients may or may not suits your skin.

I think Mineral Makeup is really good. It's different with the usual makeup but it improves skin and prevents more breakouts. My skin breaks out with MAC and Avon but when I used Elite Minerals, they are so worth it.

Originally Posted by sara145wilson /img/forum/go_quote.gif

I think mineral makeup is good rather then trying to use other foundation whose ingredients may or may not suits your skin.

I agree! I always tell myself that I need to use less face makeup because if I break out, it'll cost more to repair the damage and it leaves a trace for awhile that I don't like. I don't use liquid foundation that much for a few reasons:

1) They can dry up the skin and can clog the pores

2) My skin is young and I don't need that much coverage for everyday use

3) It's too strong for my liking for an everyday makeup product. I still use it but only if I really need to 

Why I prefer mineral foundation:

1) They use natural ingredients 

2) It doesn't clog the pores and doesn't expire

3) It's oil free and safe for all skin types

4) It's lighter on the skin, safe for daily use and longer staying

Bare Escentuals works great for me (I own a concealer) but it feels kinda weird on my oily skin so I tend to use it over another product :/

In my opinion, mineral makeup is so much better than traditional makeup so go ahead and make the switch! I've used it for about 6 years and will never go back. Once I read what's really in tradional makeup and then compared it to mineral makeup which has only natural ingredients, it made so much sense to switch. Of course you have to do your research. Not ALL mineral makeup can claim to be 100% natural but there are ones out there that are. Most of the big name brand ones aren't 100% natural - especially if you see the ingredient Bismuth. It makes me itchy and can cause breakouts so stay away from that or you'll think mineral makeup doesn't work for you. The one I use is Breeze Minerals and I just love it! It's also gluten free which doesn't really matter to me too much since I'm not sensitive to gluten but a lot of people are and might like this aspect.
I have used one product from Breeze called Hide and Heal Dual Concealer - it's really great for hiding spots and scarring. It says it offers perfect coverage as it heals. They also say it won't clog your pores so that may help with your acne. It's also pretty affordable as well.
And as for your question asking is mineral makeup as good as it sounds, the answer is YES,YES, YES!! But like I already mentioned, just make sure it has only natural ingredients. That seems to make all the difference (for my skin anyway!)
My skin can be abit weird sometimes. Aftre washing my face it is dry, but after a couple of hours it gets oily. I usually use my MAC powder. Hoping to try Bare Essentials soon. I don't know maybe I just need to change my face scrub to prevent my face from drying up in the first place.

I'm not sure if you've heard about Elite Mineral Makeup but it's a good mineral makeup brand I have personally tried. It doesn't break me out, doesn't cake, doesn't oxidize into a bronze/orange but blends nicely on skin, and long lasting. Since I minimized using liquid foundation, my skin's condition has improved a lot. I only use liquid foundation when I need to now


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