Mineral Mascara part 2...

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Jan 9, 2007
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I've recenty ordered mineral mascara from Monave, and am waiting for it to arrive...

Anyway, I also ordered some Blinc mascara... Anyone try this stuff yet?

I read some rave reviews about it online, so I thought I'd see if anyone here has tried this... I'll put some on tomorrow, so I'll report back then!

I really didn't care for the Blinc mascara. You could hardly tell I even had anything on my lashes.

Blinc Mascara isn't mineral, but it surrounds your lashes with little tubes that come off with warm water and a little pressure, yet they don't rub off, or just come off with crying, remover or just water.

I've always used waterproof Lancome Hypnose, and no matter how good my remover is, it never really comes off well, or no matter how much I don't touch my eye area during the day, it still gives me some panda effect...

So I thought I'd either have to use mineral mascara that comes off easily, or use a mascara that is known to not run and give me panda eyes!

Anyway, I've also bought the lash primer from Blinc, to help with volume and length.

Today I've curled my lashes, applied primer and then the mascara. My eyelashes look long yet natural (I only put on one coat of mascara) and feel quite soft still. I do like the look, but I think that if you want a more intense lash, you'd have to put on several coats of both primer and mascara. I'll test this on the weekend, as I've got a big formal party to go to and I want a dramatic eye look...

I'll also pop back in and let you all know how easy/hard it is to remove tonight!

I'm still waiting for my Monave mineral mascara, and will let you also know once I've got it how it compares to the Blinc and my Lancome Hypnose.

Originally Posted by Thais /img/forum/go_quote.gif I dont think blinc mascara is mineral, is it? thias.. how are you???
can you recomended on a minearl mascara... I usually use in maybelline and it is not a mineral..

Monave do a mineral mascara.

If you look through the sticky thread with mineral sites you will see there's a few companies offering mineral mascara.

Ok, I had my Blinc mascara on all day, and it stayed put. Looked as nice in the evening as it did in the morning, and no panda eyes!!! It came off easily with just warm water and light pressure, as it said on the instructions. I'm definitely liking this mascara! The only thing is, is that it does not add tons of length and volume, and in order to achieve that you really need the primer as well.

I also received my Monave mineral mascara, and tried it out in the evening: it is nice, keeps my lashes quite soft, but it does not add tons of volume or length either, and I'd probably wear this one for an everyday minimal makeup look.