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Jul 3, 2004
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So background---When Lucky Green came out originally from MAC, I was in a no buy period. I fell in love with the color though and really regretted it. The MAC freestanding store was out and I was so sad. I literally had dreams about this color. So sad.

On Tuesday I had a majorly crappy day and said screw it, I need a pick me up and went to MAC to check out C-squeeze (hard to resist a veluxe pearl shadow and I really wanted Sunsplosion and to check out the lipglasses). MAC store was still out of Lucky Green and had already sold out of Sunsplosion. Arrrgh. I did pick up pink grapefruit l/g (very pretty). The sweet SA called the other MAC counter in the mall (I always forget it's there) and they still had Sunsplosion if I wanted to check it out. So I wandered over and saw Sunsplosion (which is lovely by the way). Next to it was the Belle Azure display---which still had Lucky Green in it. I said to the SA----"you don't still have this shade do you?" She checked and I got the last one. Totally made my day and this color is so pretty on! Even my green eyeshadow hating boyfriend grudgingly admitted it was pretty (huge coming from him).

I totally did a happy dance at the counter. The SA and I talked about dreaming about makeup---so funny.

Congrats on your purchases. It feels great to get something that you are wanting really bad. Enjoy your items.

How wonderful,i love those kind of surprises!!!!!!!good for you,enjoy that green girl!!!!

I am very envious......I still don't have it yet. Good for you!! Enjoy your new green looks.............

That's such a wonderful story!!! I'm so glad to hear you were finally able to find it.


I love lucky green so much, next time im shopping I want to check if my counter still has any left as I think I'll regret it if I dont buy a back up.


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