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Oct 8, 2006
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I'm doing a persuasion speech on makeup primer...I need a poll and since i'm sure not that many people at my school wear makeup I figured this is the best place to do it.

I wasn't sure which forum to put it in because it has both mineral and nonmineral makeup....

~~~Which primer do you prefer? Why?

-Smashbox Photo Finnish Spf w/dermaxyl.

-Meow Cosmetics power primer.


i'm currently using a primer by mineralogie (mineral primer)

i wanted to see if it would help to even my tone. my forehead and tops of my cheeks a slightly lighter than the bottom half of my face. it's only day 2 so the jury's still out on this one.

I love smashbox.
It really smooths out my skin and helps my makeup stay on longer.

You'll probably get a lot of "other"s, though, because there are a lot of primers out there.

ive only used 2 primers.

one was paula dorf (before it was later reformulated) and i didnt care for it

and smashbox is the other.

i have like bases that are tinted, but acutal primers those are the other 2.


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