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Feb 26, 2011
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This was brought to my attention on my Facebook wall this morning and had to share here. I guess Mirenesse saw value in what Ipsy has done with the Glam Bags and has decided to launch their own Glam Boxes. For the December boxes there are three to choose from and each are $15 US "sale".

December Glam Box Skincare

December Glam Box Makeup

December Glam Box Mixed

The perfect way to discover new beauty products. You will receive a Surprise Glam Kit filled with 3 to 5 luxury Award Winning skincare products and may include at least 1 full size, and travel sizes too!  Valued at up to A$80.00.

Select Autoship at checkout to receive your Glam Box every 30, 60, 90 or 120 days!

*Glam Box contents will vary and change every month. Select Autoship every 30 days so you don't miss out!
Note there IS SHIPPING added to this making the total over $20.

Subtotal:    U$15.00
Total Shipping & Handling:    U$9.75
Order total:     U$24.75

Would you try this?

I'm in. I'm canceling birchbox, ipsy, and maybe starlooks.

Do they have a cutoff date on when we can order to get the dec box/kit?

No clue on the cut off date. I think if you order it now you get the December box.

I don't like the wording, maybe it's because I'm in the middle of exams and in the mindset of over analyzing every single little bit of information but the line "may include at least 1 full size" rubs me the wrong way I guess because it implies that you won't always get even 1 full size product, but someone who likes the brand and just wants more products from them might not be bothered by that. The price with shipping makes it more than I'd want to pay for a subscription service.

Their makeup is actually really pricey. I fell in love with their Lip Bombs through my Ipsy bag but couldn't bring myself to spend the $$ on more. Even though $24 is pricey for a sub it seems like a good value for the brand.

I like the idea of this, but i would rather stick to my 25 dollar a month, every other month box of ful sized produts. But thank you for sharing this! =]

I was tempted, especially since you can choose different time intervals. However, I prefer to receive different brands in a subscription.

They seem to continually raise the prices on the Glamm Boxes.  June and several months previous was $19.99 and now July and August have been $24.95.  The emails still say that they cost $19.99 though which I find upsetting.  I emailed them hoping they could clear it up but haven't heard back yet.

In case you are still interested:

Yes, you get free shipping if you are VIP Member.

And Yes, your $25 VIP Voucher can be used on the Glamm Boxes. 

You get so much in the Glamm Boxes. I bought them to see if I liked them. I love them. 

There are 3 separate Glamm Boxes.

  1. All Skincare

  2. All Makeup

  3. Mixed Makeup & Skincare

The Glamm Boxes are currently $19.95 each and they sometimes run out of stock quickly. If they do, they try to get produce more. In that case, Mirenesse sends out an e-mail saying the Glamm Boxes are back in stock.

I ordered mine on the 2nd day of the month and ticked Auto-Ship, That way I am sure to get the boxes as soon as possible. In case I receive a box that has something in it that I use regularly, then I can order another one and stock up. 

I usually receive my orders around 7-8 business days after I order.

The Glamm boxes are $24.95 each for International customers and it says that you cannot redeem your beauty vouchers for them.  I'm not sure if VIP vouchers and beauty vouchers are the same, but I know when I tried to use my beauty points to purchase a box it wouldn't allow me to do so.  You do get the VIP "free" shipping, but you do not receive the VIP 20% discount on the Glamm boxes like you do with the other products.  If they have a flash sale whatever those prices are generally are not lowered by the VIP discount either, and there are a lot of exclusions and times when the VIP codes don't work at all (for example if you have to use a code at checkout to get a free gift you can only use one code and your VIP voucher is excluded.)

I've been a vip subscriber at Mirenesse for the last 3 months.  I think their makeup really is worth it - I normally buy Nars/UD, and it easily meets/beats.

 Their purple akoya pearl creaseless eyeshadow trio is my new HG purple. It's awesome, stays forever, and has great payoff. The only downside is that it is a little powdery, but it doesn't seem to impact application at all.  All of the foundation samples have been great.

BUT - things to know - if you're buying the $25/month VIP "membership", you're essentially committing to spending $65/month at their store...the $25 "certificate" only applies to purchases over $65.  It does include the Glam boxes, and you do get free shipping. I'd recommend getting the face + makeup glam box in one month, use your vip cert to grab everything you're interested in, then un-sub. They repeat a TON of items month to month, and they typically have gigantic sales. The biggest benefit is the free shipping, but you can always re-sub if you think you want to make a big purchase, get the discount, then cancel.  The certificates are only good for one month though.  If you stay subbed for two months they send you a vip subscriber gift pack, which repeated a lot of the items I'd already received in their glamm boxes.

Ex:  $25 VIP sub = use for 2 x $25 glam box + lipstick = meet the $65 minimum. 


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