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Mar 17, 2005
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Has anyone seen these stores opening in your area? They're called "Missha"

I saw a store that just had a grand opening the other day. So I went in and took a look. I believe its a line of cosmetics from Korea. They had many products for $4.99 - eyeshadows, blushes, scented lotions, etc. I didn't buy anything because I was sort of in a hurry. Seems like a cute place to go for a cheap makeup fix.


Hello~ I'm Korean. I heard that Missha had opened in New York !

Go to this url http://www.missha.net/ and you can get some information about that brand.

In Korea, it is very popular because of price.(They said "Rational price")

Well, you can test if it is Ok to you or not, in the shop.

Have a good day~


very neat... now if only they had some clearcut way of ordering from the site...
I fancy the prices.. I just bought some lipstick (purple shade) lip liners and magenta eyeshadow, each around $5 a pop. The colors work really well with my skin tone. I don't think I would experiment with the foundations, maybe loose powder. And they have some nice smelling skin care products.

I like the brand, I recently bought a blush on sale for 1.88 and i think its ok. I bought like 3 shadestick type things but havent tried them yet.

YEAp Missia is a cosmetic brand that are targeting Teens or some one who dont have much money to spend on MU. hahaha

Its skin care line was No.1 in korea couple of years ago because its inexpensive price.

I've used one e/s and a mango mask.. the mango yogurt mask is sooo yummy. their fruit line is good.. strw berry, mango, green grape!!

if you can't find anywhere that ships to your house, check this site

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