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Mar 5, 2012
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So i still havent found a great foundation. I have normal skin. not oily, not dry. I rarely have break outs. I've tried mac, smashbox, loreal, bare minerals/escentuals and loreal. I have yellow undertones. My mission:

to find a foundation that:

--Is long lasting and will NOT transfer onto my boyfriends clothes anytime I hug him

-A good natural color match with YELLOW undertones

-NO whitecast

I loved the color matches that i got with mac and smashbox, but neither of their foundations have long wear that is transfer free. Anytime I ate, the make up around my mouth would come off. If i layed down, my face inprint would be on my pillow

this is all also after applying setting powder. both photograph great with no white cast.

Loreal was just used because i didnt have money to purchase my usual mac or smashbox foundations. The color was ok, it seemed to have pink undertones and dry rosy on my skin. i did not mind it, however it left a horrible white cast in all my pictures! i looked so weird.

I just recently tried estee lauder double wear and its the only one that i have worn that does not budge! i can lay on my boyfriend all i want and this make up will not move. Despite estee lauder claiming these shades are warm and for yellow undertones, they arent :( /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

i cannot find a match at all no matter how many samples i take home, they look dark and more yellowish, yet dry very pinkish.

Also-- this leaves a horrible white cast :/

does anyone have any foundation reccomendations that will not transfer, leave a whitecast, and have true yellow undertones?

HELP :( /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

Have you ever tried using a makeup primer under your foundation?  It might help your foundation stay put better.

Honestly, I'm wondering if you're using too much foundation.  You said you don't have acne, do you have other skin tone issues that require heavier coverage?  (Maybe try concealer + less foundation for areas that need coverage)

I saw a girl do a tutorial on youtube the other day, and long story short, she used about 10 times more foundation than I would have used in an entire week.  With that much product, I can understand that makeup transfer is inevitable.  This might not necessarily be you though.

The white cast will typically come from products with SPF (SPF naturally tries to reflect the light and sun rays, so it'll also tend to reflect camera flashes, too).

I'm not sure about recommendations of yellow undertoned foundations (some companies don't seem to have anything that matches me either -- I have tried at least 5 different shades from MAC and NONE of them fit me)  Last resort, there are color additives that can be used to help alter undertones in foundation if you find a formula you really like but can't find an exact color match.

Thank you for your help. I've still been researching. I dont wear a lot of foundation at all just use it to even out skin tone. I used MAC select SPF foundation and it matched good with no white cast, but it is the most transferable one i've had

Pur Minerals 4-in 1 in Blush Medium definitely has yellow undertones. The name is deceiving. Anyway, it's lovely and doesn't transfer as long as you set it with powder! It's a perfect color match for me, I'm about NC25 I believe.


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