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Jan 3, 2006
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Have you ever hadsomeone purposely twist your words to make you look bad? My mother did this to me today.

As I posted in another thread, yesterday she called and said my nephew wanted to come in for a visit while she was doing her shooping. That was fine with me, but I asked her if he was sure that he wanted to come in because the last time he sat around being bored for 5 hours. She called back 10 minutes later and said he changed his mind about coming in. That was also fine.

Well, now she's making me out to be a horrible person, purposely twisting my words to demonise me to my nephew's mom! Stupid!

This happen to anyone before? Why do people do this?

Sounds like my mom Kee. I really don't understand why people do this. I know my mom is a control freak, manipulative and abusive. Maybe for them it's some sort of power trip.

Believe me when I say this, I know exactly how you feel! This has been done to me my whole life!

I went to a wedding last summer and I wore a green dress, matching shoes, earring with the same color in it and even had matching eyeshadow. I remember how people were like "oh ya, she's trying to out do the wedding party"


People like doing that because they are losers, that is all i can think of, people are never pleased with anything, it mostly goes to show how happy they are with themselves, Karma is great though, if it doesnt make you pay immediately it accumulates and it gets back to you all in one, i just have to say that i feel sorry for those who hurt others just to get off and be satisfied with the fact that they feel like they can overpower people.

Damn Kee. You got a raw deal there with some folks around you. Won't you be glad when your ass is facing them in the wind on your way outta there! Hahaha!

ugh yes I hate it when people do that. I think it makes them feel better. At work, this guy who took 3 times longer on his break than he was supposed to told me off for doing the crossword puzzle. WTF. What a jerk. Its not like I wasnt working at the same time - women can multitask, jerkface!

my sisters do this to me all the time! i told one of them that a guy was at our house doing my bf's tattoo, and an hour later they were all telling my mom that I had a bunch of weirdos at my house and I was starting a tattoo shop! I told one of them that I bought my bf a sweater on sale somewhere and the next day my mom called me and asked why I had spent my whole paycheck on expensive clothes for him! they're all crazy, I could tell so many stories but I would be here all night.

People suck
Thats why.

I have this happen to me all the time, and its like...I am NOT a horrible person, stop it!!!

happens most of the time!!

the problem is they dunt realise that what they are doing is actually hurting some1!

I don't have this problem so much as I have the problem of telling someone something in confidence and they then go and tell the person I told them about.

I think it's all about control for alot of people. My former fiance's mother is like this and she bugs the crap out of me. She's great as long as everyone agrees with her and doesn't cross her. But....Oh lord help you if you do!

Aww Kee. People do this to cover up their insecurities. It makes them feel like they are better than you because they made you feel bad. I sense a bit of jealousy....

Originally Posted by BeneBaby /img/forum/go_quote.gif Aww Kee. People do this to cover up their insecurities. It makes them feel like they are better than you because they made you feel bad. I sense a bit of jealousy.... ditto !! not to complain about myself, but my parents do that too, they great specialty is to do or say the nicest thing, then kill you with one word.
try not to let them get to you, i believe they'll pay it back one day. my mom has a saying : la mer n'atteint pas les étoiles
(the sea can't touch the stars).

So when did you stop beating your children?? lol My mother used to twist what I waid alot.... Just some people's way i guess...



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