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Mar 26, 2007
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I've been sampling around again and have found some good foundations and fininshing powders but I've also run into a few that definitely do not agree with my skin.

Many people state that Bismuth O. doesn't agree with them, that it causes them to ithc. It never bothered me and BE's foundation worked just fine for me but I think that I may have an allergy or something to Silk Powder because that seems to be a common denominator in everything that causes severe itching whenever I apply it. The smell also really grosses me out.

I was wondering if anyone else has this reaction or if you have any other particular reactions to certain ingredients either commonly found or found in mineral makeup products?

I was so turned off by BE that I never tried another mineral line. The Bismuth made my skin extremely itchy, irritated and broken out. I know there are many MMU lines that don't contain bismuth, but I ended up hating any powder on my face too.

I get very itchy from any MMU that contains Bismuth O. I got some BE ages ago to try out and it made me itch badly. I thought it was due to the sun, and continued using it for a while, but kept on itching only when I wore the BE MMU. Changed to MMU which doesn't contain Bismuth O, and I'm fine!

Originally Posted by Ronnie /img/forum/go_quote.gif I was wondering if anyone else has this reaction or if you have any other particular reactions to certain ingredients either commonly found or found in mineral makeup products? I think sometimes it's really difficult to say, what is irritating you in the foundation. Sometimes it just happens.
I can't use siganture, while it makes me ithch - I looked at the ingridients list and I found nothing scary there, just a typical stuff which is in every foundation.

I also can't use ocean mist because it breakes me out and make me itch. I also do not see any ingredient which would be responsible for that.

The only thing I could think off is a texture of foundation. If the foundation's particles are "big" and it looks muddy not powdery than I do not have problem with that, but if the particles are too "small" and it looks like a very thin powder, than I have problems. The only exception from this rule is sillky makeup which is very silky but very friendly for my face, but this silkiness I think is more because of silk in it.

So I have my theory, that if makeup is in form of a thin powder, than my face will probably not like it.

Beside Bismut , talc (Magnesium sterate ) also a common cause of breakouts and itchiness.

Also I find silica itchy, but it does not cause breakout( at least to me) .

People with sacne prone skin may also want to avoid different food ingreadinets such as rice power or cornstrach( aavena sativa).

These just make your MMu to be a perfect place for bacteria to grow. It may seems ok when you have a little sample which stays only for a few weeks , a month or two. But if you buy a full jar foundation, product will be sitting in it for a year, pleanty of time, to bacteria get in it and start to grow. yuck !

I loved BE, but the bismuth in it made me itch so bad when it was hot outside. It was bad, it used to itch and burn and I would have to take it off. EDM works fine for me. No itching.

My skin doesn't like bismuth, aveena sativa and I think silk. Whenever I use Lumiere's silk powder, I break out. I'm not sure if any other ingredients do this to me. Those 3 are what I've found so far.....My skin is so sensitive though, I wouldn't be surprised if something else breaks me out.

I've found that talc, bismuth o and some of the Lake dyes bother my skin. Anything with fragrance too.