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Aug 23, 2007
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There are lot of discussion on foundations, blushes, finishing powders and eyeshadow, but there are almost no word on lipsticks or mascara.

They are exists?

On some MMu site I seen colored lip balms or shine in a very limited selection, but thats' all.

There are any company , which has MMu mascara?

What about lipstick? Or pencils?

This product are exist? Where can I buy them?

It is seem so awkward that I am using MMu foundation and eye shadows, but then put on traditional lipstick and mascara.

Hi peachycheeks,

I'm also looking for these and have found some good sources, have yet to test them myself though -

Monave has many colors of lip gloss, glaze, pencil, and lipstick - full sizes and minis. They also have lipstick base which you can mix any 'lip safe' shadow color into.

Burt's Bees has several lipstick and lipshine colors.

Ecco Bella has chubby pencils, lip pencils, lipstick, lip gloss and mascara.

Dr. Hauschka has lip colors and a few lip glosses and is one of the only companies I've found a %100 natural mascara - it smells fantastic (real rose), works well (I've used it), but I don't get it anymore because I'm worried about it's no preservatives and mascara is a breeding ground for bacteria.

Alba Botanica has several shades of lip balm-like lipsticks and gloss.

100% Pure has glosses and cheek/lip tints, they use only fruit and herb colorants.

Hemp Organics has many unique shades of lipstick and pencils.

Logona has pencils, lipstick, and I think mascara.

Bare Escentuals has a new 100% natural lipstick line.

Living Nature has highly pigmented creamy lipsticks (I've tried them).

Paul Penders I think has mascara.

Let me know if you need any links for the brands, a lot of them you just add www and com to the name or you can Google them.

Every Day Minerals has been talking about how they are going to be coming out with more lip colors soon.

Thanks alot. This is great info.

I guess it will take a while to check out all this sites.

Artistena: Could you share any personal experience with these products?

I have been using the mascara that Monave sells. I have sensitive eyes and wear contact lenses and haven't had any problems. The only thing I don't like is you have to use two coats of mascara for your lashes to show up.

Zuzu Luxe is another brand that has many unique shades of lipstick and gloss, also pencils and mascara.

The only items I've bought and used are the Dr. Hauschka mascara, the Alba Botanica lip-balm lipstick and the Living Nature lipsticks - the Dr. Hauschka was good, this was at the beginning of my using mascara and so didn't know some of the 'tricks' that I do now, but it was a bit gloppy, you needed to go through your lashes after with a clean brush or comb to get a little blob out. I think if I'd wiped the wand on a tissue before applying or just scraped it on side of tube it woulda been better. Sometimes it'd flake a bit and you'd have a black speck on your cheek. My fave part of it was the scent, I wanted to wear it as a fragrance. The Alba Botanica came in a lipbalm tube and had a smooth lipbalm texture, but it's not sheer. Lots of color and not really any shine, except shimmer, not very moisturizing either. I tried it as a blush too but it took a little tugging to blend it in. I'd probably pick the similar balm-based Burt's Bees lip shimmers instead - only tried these on my hand but they 'melted' more and more shine but also less opaque. The Living Nature lipstick was very color dense and creamy, a little was enough, I don't think it had a scent much, the color was almost exactly as it looks in tube, I liked them. Both of these things I tried a few years ago and so they may have changed the formulas since - I've only recently come back to natural/mineral mu.


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