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Aug 25, 2006
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Booo I have a few spots on my face which I never really have! I dont normally break out but Ive got 3 which are annoying! But when I put on my mmu and mineral concealer its not covering up, and its making it worse by looking a little patchy.

anyone know how I can cover up, would applying the concealer wet work? Im going out 2moro and wanted to look my best

Yeah I think applying it wet might help, but I usually just use a thicker concealer when I get laura mercier or prescriptives

for blemises I prefer a cream concealer it looks much more natural. Using concealer wet doesn't work for me.

Wet always works better than dry when it comes to covering up blemishes. It looks way more airbrushed that way.

I've just started trying mineral makeup. I ordered samples of foundation and corrector concealer from Joppa Minerals I used the green concealer on my spots, applying and blending with a small concealer brush (Essence of Beauty from CVS). Then used the same brush to dab on extra foundation over it, then applied foundation all over with the powder brush. I really wasn't expecting much, because I've never found a liquid foundation/concealer that helped much, but this covered it up better than anything else! What really impressed me is that my skin even looked good in the fluorescent lighting in the bathroom at work!


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