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Mar 2, 2005
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The order I put in a couple months ago never came. So I emailed them and they sent my order again, I finally got it! I love it! I got the 88 palette of shadows and the colors come out true on the skin and it seems to last all day. I do use a primer only because it's almost 100 degrees here. I also got some of the glosses...I will be stocking up on these, especially for my set kit! The colors come out really nice and they don't feel sticky at all. I just tried it today, so we'll see. BUT I did put it on about 4 hours ago and it's still on.

That's wonderful!!! They have such great prices, but too bad the shipping takes so long. I'll have to look into the glosses next time I get a chance to place an order.

oh, cool! i wanna buy the 88 palette so badly, but wasn't sure if it's worth the money. would you say the quality's like mac's?

Since I've moved, my computer's not reading any of my extras-like my printer, scanner, card reader, etc...It's a pain right now. The best I can do is maybe tonight take a pic with one of my cam phones, but I don't know how that will show up. I'll try it later though.

I can't compare it to MAC cuz I never use it. But it's great for anyone who likes colors. ANd the color you see in the pan really is the color it comes out to be. I think Janelle mentioned this before, but they are pretty small. The shadows aren't the size of the other MOD palettes, they're about dime-size. But they are great for traveling and for people like me who need to lug around tons of makeup at all times.

That is a gorgeous palette. But I would also like to see real life pictures. I'm really interested in this palette if the quality of the shadows is good.

Yeah - my mom has it... the colors are awesome, but they are small - although you don't use a lot, so I'm sure they'll last. My Mardi Gras, Xtina, 40's dtb's all were mod shadows... they're awesome! I posted pics of it in another thread, I'll try to find them for ya...

And congrats on finally getting them Envy! I'm surprised they took so long! Mom had hers in about a week ?

Ok - I'll hunt for the pics... brb

***OK! Found it! Click HERE & scroll down!

oh, thanks! wow, dime-sized? that's small. maybe i'll get these instead of all of those MAC shadows i was planning on getting. we'll see. thanks again, janelle and envy!


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