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Jun 11, 2005
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Meh...I don't know. I don't find the dress particularly flattering. But being a supermodel she can pull it off. It looks like a modified burlap sack. She's so gorgeous though...can't stop staring at her legs and shoes.
She is very...ehhhh... I don't know. But it makes me not want to wear the makeup she wears in the CG commercials. I think she would make a better print model than on TV.

I don't like the dress style either, although the color is very nice for her skin tone.

I like the dress but maybe in a different color.. And her legs look like toothpicks to me.. Not a bog fan of the super skinny look

I don't like the dress at all...I think it's ugly and boring. It just blends in together with her.

I really don't like her personality, so it makes me kind of biased when I see pics of her. lol.

The dress would fit her better if the waist were a little higher and the hem was taken up a few inches. It's supposed to be a fun, flirty dress but it looks like she's playing dress up in her older sister's prom dress.


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