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Jun 17, 2004
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from allure: bronzer with TM (tinted moisturizer) as a highlighter gold powder e/s on lid and lower lashline lids lined very very thinly w/ black all the way around sheer bronze gloss i love this look, and it really works the spring (carryover into summer) monochromatic trend. i used loose gold e/s mixed with translucent powder instead of TM and bronzer. i like a matte face, and i dont do bronzer. another way to do this look is to mix a cool lip with a warm eye. i saw a dior ad with this look, and mac martooni e/s is closest to the color that the model was wearing. i keep reading that thin black eyeliner is the key to this look, so your eyes dont look red, washed out, or strange.

My favorite way to do a *very* thin black line is to use a black liquid liner, applied with Trish McEvoy's #11 push brush. I apply the liquid liner to the back of my hand, then gently dab the bristles into the liquid. This makes for an easier and less gooky distribution of liner onto the brush. I then push the bristles directly into my lash line.


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