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Aug 28, 2012
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Hi, I'm a 26 year old freelance writer, and would love to interview a mortuary make up artist. Is there anybody on here that has experience in this field of make-up that would like to speak with me?

Your best bet is too contact your local funeral home director and interview them, as they are the only ones that do make-up on cadavers.

Hi, I do not work in a funeral home, but I have had many families request me to do the make up of a loved one.  Actually I will be working on a 16 yr old (which was my cousin) tomorrow.  You can shoot me some questions and I will try to answer from my experience.  I have had no professional training...

Actually, alot of funeral homes will allow someone else to come in and do the make up and the hair on a decedent.

I, also, have done makeup on a deceased person. Now that was an experience! Some things are the same and some are different than doing it on a living person.

Hello, my name is Taylor Brown and I have experience in the Cosmetology field doing hair. I have done makeup for my old job at Snipits Hair Salon, prom hair, wedding hair, and as well as their makeup. I love doing makeup, and would interested in this job. Thank you.


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