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Aug 25, 2006
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Ok I think this is the right place for this?

Anyway Im a big fake tan user, Im pale and hate it, Ive been using fake tan for years now but can never seem to get this problem perfected so I wondered what you guys who use fake tan do.

How do you match your tan to your face mu?

I've tried using fake tan on my face aswell as body but I find, 1 It comes off quicker due to exfoliating and washing my face alot.

2 It often doesnt come out right and it can go patchy.

So what I do is tan my whole body and leave my face. I always buy my foundation in a darker shade than my skin color so it matches, but at times my face is still different to my body, you can notice it by my neck the most.

Any ideas what I can do? Maybe theres sommet I can use on my face to give me a glow so It doesnt look that bad?

i used to go tanning and i had the same problem, i could never find make up that matched. So I stopped cause it drove me crazy. Now finding a match is a lot easier
Hope someone can help you! Good luck

I dont tan but I live in Florida and avoid sun on my face. All I do is put on my tinted moisterizer and make sure i apply bronzer on my neck. It evens it out with my face and makes it look fine


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